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What kind of finish do you use?
I offer several types of finish: nitrocellulose lacquer, acrylic (2k) urethanes and polyester - so whatever your preference is I can accommodate. If you’re not sure what the differences are click here.

Can I get a relic’d / aged / distressed finish?
I don't offer any distressing or "relic"ing but if that's what you're after I can give you a bit of a head start. Just let me know and I can use a lacquer formulation that is pretty brittle and much more prone to checking and ambering like the old stuff.

What is your turnaround time?
For urethane/polyester finishes a much quicker turnaround time is available. Depending on the current workload 10-14 days is normal. Nitrocellulose lacquer is sensitive to humidity so spraying lacquer is sometimes at the mercy of Mother Nature. Once spraying is completed it needs to hang and cure for at least two weeks before it can be finish sanded and buffed.

Can I have my opaque-painted guitar re-finished to a sunburst/transparent color where you can really see the wood?
It can be done but speaking from experience most guitars come from the factory with an opaque finish for a reason ... the wood used wasn’t all that nice looking to begin with.

Since my guitar is already out of commission while you're finishing it can you do stuff like refrets, repairs, or modifications?
While RK is a paint/finish shop only there are several excellent luthiers / repairmen in the area I can have perform any extra work needed while your guitar is with me.

Can I get the really big metal flake in a nitro finish?
This is one instance where I won't use lacquer. As it has a pretty low solids content it takes a lot longer and a lot more material to level out the flakes. Kind of nullifies the whole thin lacquer finish ideal doesn't it? Aside from being a lot of extra work as the lacquer shrinks back over time you wind up with a less than smooth surface that just doesn't look good. I am more than happy to spray smaller sized flake in lacquer though. They aren't as big but they still light up nice and bright under stage lights.

Can you tell me how to finish my guitar?
Well I can but I'm so far removed from the DIY scene I'll probably wind up overcomplicating things for you. Fortunately there is an online community full of homebrew builders and finishers. The regulars are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and eager to help. Check out:

Does disassembly/reassembly cost extra?
No, it's already factored into the pricing. Now if you have something like a custom built 5 necked monstrosity that's a different story!


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