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  • Supersuckers
    Rowyco Kustoms is proud to be an official sponsor of the worlds greatest rock n' roll band.

  • Brad Rice
    Guitarist - Keith Urban Band, Son Volt, Lower Companions and all-around Rowyco Kustoms player.

  • Southern Culture On The Skids
    I drove and sold merch for them on a couple tours years ago. I've also tarted up a few guitars for Rick too.

  • Olympic Ass Kickin Team
    Terry and the boys will kick your butt but good.

  • Koll Guitars
    No affiliation but Saul Koll builds some of the coolest guitars ever. I'm a total fanboy.

  • Allparts
    Parts, parts and more parts.

  • Dec Art Decals
    Across the pond, but the finest watersliders in all the land.

  • The Reigning Monarchs
    If you're a fan of surf music then you'll be a fan of The Reigning Monarchs. Guitarist for the Reigning Monarchs Greg Behrendt is also a very funny stand up comedian. Greg is also the co-host of the very funny podcast Walking The Room which is a favorite at Rowyco Kustoms world headquarters. Estoy Podcuddle!!! You can find all three at iTunes.


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